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I like to do things. I also enjoy stuff. Although, I only enjoy stuff and things when that stuff and those things involve video games, music, or alcohol. And lots of it! I spend most of my time working. In my free time, when I'm not busy staring at the empty shotgun and full case of shells, I'm usually getting drunk and playing Playstation. I think I've said enough.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

How to be a Man

My friends, James and James, composed this humorous instructional video on the most important thing in this world: Being a man. Unfortunately, I wasn't man enough to star in it or be in any part of the production whatsoever. I am man enough to share it with the world though, and give his video some distribution past the friends on his Facebook. Enjoy!


  1. Hilarious video, keep it up the good work!!

  2. lol i want to saw a table now xD

  3. A Gwar shirt. a sign of a true man right there!


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